Our Concept

There are many templates by which medicine strives to provide health and wellness. At Redpoint Medical, we have adopted and refined the “Forward Treatment Concept”. This approach seeks to maximize effectiveness, aid in compliance, retain focus on healing, and minimize distractions and treatment lapses. The “S.P.I.C.E.” principals – Simplicity, Proximity, Immediacy, Centrality, and Expectancy – are the foundation of this approach. Here’s how:

  • Simplicity – This is an effort to diagnose the patient’s condition as clearly as possible and to assist the treating team in refining the elements of the treatment plan. In this way, providers can administer treatment more effectively and the sick or injured patient can more fully participate in their own recovery. Minimizing confusion and clutter minimizes complications.
  • Proximity – Keeping the patient’s daily routine as close to normal as possible speeds recuperation. Both geographically (utilizing nearby facilities and consultants when possible) and figuratively (sticking to a work schedule and personal habits), this concept also aides in maximizing focus on recovery.
  • Immediacy – When something is worth doing, it’s worth doing now. Delays in treatment, imaging, and consultation lead to poor outcomes. Our approach and connections provide for swift and efficient treatment plan execution.
  • Centrality – As the “gatekeepers” or coordinators of care, we make it our job to know how all members of the treatment team – therapists, consultants, employers, and the patients themselves – are working toward a common goal. Communication is the key.
  • Expectancy – Engendering a sense of realistic positive outcome is important to the tone of a well-designed treatment plan. Much as visualization aides professional athletes in achieving their goals, positive expectancy aides injured workers in prompt and full return to productivity