Hiring is on the rise...

stock_chartEconomic indicators are now pointing to a strengthening US economy and job market. At a more local level, we are seeing spurts of hiring among our client companies, especially in manufacturing and consumer product sales. Hopes are high that this trend will expand and accelerate in the coming months. In this environment, employers will continue to see a large pool of applicants, many with the ability, experience, and qualifications needed, but many without.

To a degree, employers can improve the quality of the pool of applicants through interview and background checks. Beyond that, an attentive and thorough pre-placement examination (job physical) can help identify prospective employees who may have physical or medical conditions or problems that put them at risk in the workplace. Many applicants may have been without health insurance for months or years and may have neglected serious health conditions or may have gone without treatment and rehabilitation for injuries. Drug screening can also be done quickly and efficiently at relatively low cost. Identification of individuals with substance abuse problems can reduce the risks and costs of future injury and potential disability.

Consult with us at Redpoint Medical to plan your strategy for pre-hire examinations and screenings. The old saying still holds true, especially in this promising economy – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.