Travel time is approaching...are you ready?

travel-clinic-logo-smallThe time of year is approaching when many individuals, families, and groups are embarking upon a variety of planned journeys. For fun, work, adventure, or humanitarian efforts, many of us are about to visit parts of the world that may present special health challenges.

Now is the time to visit your medical provider for advice on vaccinations, preventive medications, and other health-related issues. We have found that about half (yes, half!) of our travel medicine clients are in need of routine vaccinations. Many others will need trip-specific vaccinations and most will need some other travel-related medication.

Although as little as three weeks may be adequate, allow as much time as possible before travel to seek medical advice, ideally six weeks. Don’t worry if you miss that window of opportunity – it’s never too late to do something to make your trip safer and thus more enjoyable, more productive, and more fulfilling.

Call us at (859) 223-1963 to schedule a consultation. Sarah Bumgardner, PA-C and Jill DeLair, PA-C, our knowledgeable providers, are ready to tailor a plan to your specific needs.

A safe and happy journey to all!