Dr. Gregory Snider is a Designated Civil Surgeon by the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Service. Immigrants who are applying for permanent residency status can receive all necessary medical services at Redpoint Medical. This can be done as a standard two-day visit or a customized one-day visit. We provide the following comprehensive services:

  • Physical examination
  • Required blood and urine testing
  • TB (tuberculosis) screening
  • Chest x-rays
  • Completion of all required forms

Redpoint Medical Standard Two-Day Immigration Exam Instructions

    1. An initial visit is scheduled to review the examinee's medical history and vaccination status. Vaccination requirements will be determined at the first visit and vaccinations can be provided in our facility at an extra charge. If the examinee wishes to have vaccinations done elsewhere, documentation must be provided at the second day visit. Required blood and urine testing (age 15 and older) and PPD (age 2 and older) will be done. Blood testing for tuberculosis can be performed at an extra charge.

    2. The second day visit is scheduled 48-72 hours after the initial visit to allow the PPD to be read (if positive, a chest x-ray will be required at an extra charge). Blood and urine test results will be reviewed. A physical exam will be done as required by the USCIS.

    3. If all requirements have been met, the examinee will receive completed documentation (I-693) at the conclusion of the evaluation: original documents will be sealed in an envelope as required for forwarding to the USCIS, copies of the I-693 packet will be provided to the examinee, and Redpoint Medical will retain copies of all documents for future reference.

    4. Charges to be paid in full at the second day visit.

    a. A $270.00 charge for the consultation, exam, paperwork, standard lab work and TB skin testing is due at the time of the second visit.

    b. Chest X-ray, if required, is an extra $59.00.

    c. TB blood testing, if indicated or desire, is an extra $71.00

    d. Vaccinations, if required, are provided at an extra charge. Redpoint Medical cannot accept insurance payment for vaccinations, but makes every effort to keep our charges as low as possible and competitive with other providers.

    5. In certain circumstances, we can arrange for a Custom One-Day Visit.

    a. Patients should be fluent enough in English to consult by phone.

    b. The $270.00 fee will be payable in advance of the visit (VISA, MasterCard, & Discover accepted by phone).

    c. Vaccination, lab tests, TB test, and documentation requirements will be reviewed and recommendations provided in advance by phone, e-mail, or US Mail.

    d. Patients should bring all required information, as instructed, to the exam.

    e. Vaccines will be administered if not received in advance (at an extra charge).

    To schedule an Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) with Dr. Snider, please contact Ron Courtney by email at

    Reports are available within approximately two weeks of the appointment. In certain circumstances, arrangements can be made for "work-in" IME's at an extra charge; however, we can not guarantee that work-ins will be available.