Travel Medicine

Travel-related illness and injury can be minimized through proper planning and prevention. Our staff reviews each client’s personal health history, immunization history, travel itinerary, and individual attitudes toward health and wellness in preparation for their trip. Each patient is advised about vaccines, preventive and contingency medications, and travel safety, readying them for travel to virtually any part of the world. We recommend calling for an appointment as soon as travel is scheduled to allow sufficient time for completing immunizations. Redpoint Medical offers:

  • Pre-travel health assessment/consultation
  • Travel-related illness prevention planning
  • Immunizations
  • Prescriptions for all necessary trip-related medications
  • Group services
  • Corporate travel evaluations

Redpoint Medical maintains an inventory of nearly every available vaccine for routine, recommended, and required purposes. While we strive to keep vaccines in stock and our prices competitive, availability and pricing can fluctuate due to circumstances beyond our control. At times, vaccines may be unavailable or in limited supply due to factors in manufacturing and/or distribution. Click here to see our CURRENT VACCINE AVAILABILITY and PRICING. Please call us to inquire about current pricing.

The Redpoint Travel Clinic provides clients with information on a variety of travel-related health and safety topics. Click on the links below to read or download our Travel Points on these topics.

Click on the links below to download these Travel Tips:

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